How to convince people to share their emails for email marketing

One of the most important things for a new blogger or digital marketer is to create one’s own email list. If you do not have a good long email list, you might struggle a lot with making sales. Email marketing is usually the last part of a sales funnel and quite effective when it comes to bringing results.

Why you should not take people’s emails without consent

You may find out a lot of sites that are giving people’s personal data like their email addresses for a price. The offer may sound lucrative but it would not be a great way to collect emails. The first thing you must know about email marketing is to collect emails with consent otherwise you will be thrown into spam or get blocked by 90% of your recipients.

The correct way to get people’s emails

Create an ad on social media platforms. Offer a reward to people if they click on the link and enter their personal information like names and email addresses. These are the only two things you need for the entire process. Make sure the reward is something relevant to your niche. You could give something for free or a discount whatever you find best.

Another way to get people’s emails

Keep working on SEO so more people would visit your website. Create a pop-up that would come when people try to leave your page. Offer similar rewards in exchange for name and email there. You have to work hard if you really want to bring good enough traffic. You can also hire an expert. Now you can Get SEO done at an affordable price[รับ ทํา seo ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai] easily. So that is also a good option.

Once you create a good email list you can target those people regularly. You can create a good email marketing strategy to increase your conversion as well.