List of alternatives for jungle scout

Jungle Scout is a product research tool that examines various factors to estimate a product’s market potential. It is available as a web app and a Google Chrome extension, both of which use similar concepts to get different outcomes. Although Jungle Scout is fantastic, are there any other product research tools as good? Yes, it is correct. Below is the best jungle scout alternative, among which you can choose.

  1. Amzscout

To begin with, Amzscout, like Jungle Scout, includes a web app and a Chrome plugin. It also comes with four free tools: a Sales Estimator, an Amazon to eBay Price Comparator, an Amazon Inventory Spy, and an Amazon FBA Fee Calculator. The Chrome extension allows you to browse through data obtained from the product in the same way you would browse through your Amazon website. On the other hand, the web app is the better option if you want to see a complete report and metrics about the products you’re looking into. Amzscout is more than just a product search engine. Tracking, sales, and profit estimation are all possible with this program. As you search with the tool, you can refine your query to show results using period-based variables.

  • Scope

If you’re getting started as an Amazon seller, you’ll want to address this subject quickly, especially if you’re on a low budget. We have already demonstrated that concentrating on the appropriate products will set you on the road to Amazon’s success. Using the incorrect product research tool, on the other hand, can throw you behind the eight ball and force you to redo your research.

  • Amachete

Jungle Scout is a fantastic research tool, but it doesn’t cover everything you need to know. In truth, there is a shortlist of things that Jungle Scout as a merchant cannot do for you:

  • Working in Amazon’s Japan marketplace is a great way to make money.
  • Notify you when your product review is published
  • From your mobile device, you can keep track of sales.
  • Rank all of the product characteristics accurately.

Hijackers are being searched for. But guess which research tool can do everything? Amachete takes it further by offering three different versions: a Chrome extension, a web app, and an iOS app. Apart from the fact that Amachete supports all ten Marketplaces, the system’s creators created it to generate reports every day to reduce product ranking errors. Amachete, unfortunately, isn’t without its flaws.

  • Bqpool

Bqool (previously Big Tracker) may not be as well-known as Jungle Scout and co., but it certainly deserves to be included on our list. It has certain unique features that you won’t find anywhere else, such as:

  • Following the promotions of your competitors
  • Follow up on the performance of your competitor’s campaigns using a brand tracker.
  • Email alerts that you create yourself
  • The top 100 best-selling books on Amazon
  • SixLeaf Phoenix

ASINspector, merged with SixLeaf, is another name on our list. Phoenix is the name given to it currently. This is useful for sellers who want to search for listings on Alibaba, eBay, AliExpress, and even Walmart, which Jungle Scout does not. You may acquire a list of keywords and their rankings for your products and calculate your revenues, using the SixLeaf Phoenix in only a few clicks.