Conventional Black Hat Seo Techniques


In this article, you will see a collection of methods that you should avoid at all costs if you do not want your website to disappear from Google, Yahoo, or Bing lists.

We will talk about keyword stuffing, cloaking, sneaky redirects, low-quality content, paid links, abuse of structured data, spam in comments, link farms, and private networks. These elements we will discuss are used by various seo thailand companies and are vital in achieving digital marketing success.

Keyword Stuffing

As defined by Google, keyword stuffing is like filling a turkey, only on your website. Thus, stuffing consists of putting a keyword inside a page over and over again, so that it seems that a bot writes it, instead of a person.

You can research the keywords that interest your audience (and you should do so), but using them without a reading goal is a bad idea. Instead of filling in your irrelevant word content, focus on creating useful content.


This is a practice that is penalized by Google, mainly since it consists of a hoax, which is done in this way: showing the web users one thing and the search engine another within the same link. Thus, when a person seeks to “send flowers in Los angeles,” he clicks on a florist called “Los Angeles ,” waiting for him to take a florist. It comes to something else: download some unsolicited files or find unexpected behavior.

Low-quality Content (Thin Content)

The appearance of low-quality content that is not of value to the search engine is a relatively common practice when doing Black Hat SEO. It includes cutting and pasting content from one site to another without citing it correctly, which goes against copyright. Thus, search engines have evolved to detect people who duplicate the content making it of poor quality.

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Cybersecurity for startups: Check all relevant pointers here!

Security concept

Startup founders & entrepreneurs often have a hands-on approach to various aspects of management. However, when it comes to cybersecurity¸ many do not take the threats and risks seriously. The outcome and consequences of a hack or security breach can be severe. Cybersecurity is not just for large organizations; it impacts every business – period. 

Understanding the scope of a security breach

Have you evaluated the various IT & network assets your company owns? Beyond the desktops, laptops and hand devices, your company probably uses IP-based video surveillance equipment that relies on a network. Without preventive steps and a comprehensive cybersecurity policy, it wouldn’t take a lot for hackers to infiltrate systems and get the data they want. There are various ways in which hackers may cause a breach. Some of the common threats include – 

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Data breach
  • DDoS attacks
  • Password hacking

Train your people

Available studies reveal that most security breaches have been caused by internal sources. Unassuming employees are often the weakest link, because they are not aware of the dos and don’ts. For example, are your employees using a password manager? Do they know the standard rules for safe browsing? Has your company established a BYOD policy? Are your employees relying on VPN for accessing company resources on a public network? These are very basic aspects that need attention. 

Test, scan your systems 

To prevent a security breach, you have to figure out the possible vulnerabilities in the system. All apps, firmware, software, and programs have to be tested, and networks need to be scanned and patched. You may also want to hire an ethical hacker to test your system to find the weaker links that need attention. 

Follow the basic ground rules

  • Ensure that all default passwords are changed immediately. Use multi-factor authentication as required. Consider using features like auto lock-out for better password protection
  • Establish access management. Revoke, alter, change and update access rights for every user on time. 
  • Consider using network segmentation. By dividing the network into subnetworks, you can enhance security and improve performance at the same time. 
  • Use firewalls. Firewalls are useful and necessary as barriers between network resources and untrusted networks. 
  • Update all software and firmware. Developers release updates for software and firmware on a regular basis, and it is wise to install updates whenever available. Automate updates if you haven’t already. 

Check online now to find more on cybersecurity for startups!

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What is the factory assembly line and how it works?


One of the most basic forms of technology that you can come across in a manufacturing plant or factory is factory assembly line. Factory assembly lines can very easily be understood as a chain of machines that work together. Take the example of car or automobile manufacturing factories. In the case of car manufacturing, different machines that prepare different parts for assembly are sequenced in a well-defined manner. The machines act one after another to assemble the different parts of the car. And this is what is called the assembly line.  Now in earlier times, humans used to assemble different car parts thus it was known as the human assembly chain. However, with the advent of technology in the manufacturing sector assembly lines become more and more automated. Thus factory assembly lines can help you in developing a more automated work environment from the very beginning.

Things to take into account before installing assembly line

Now if you are to install an assembly line there are a few things you need to take notice of. The first one is that you will need to take good care of the maintenance of the assembly line. It is because over a period of time the condition of the machines is bound to determine. The second thing to remember here is that you will need to make sure that you have installed the ethernet system. It is important because with an ethernet system can the machines connect with one another. And in the case of an assembly line, it is important that the machines are connected so that the different parts are assembled in the right order. The third thing that you will need to make sure that you opt for more automation in the coming time. It is because only assembly lines cannot make up for better productivity alone. Thus you will need to install different modern technologies simultaneously.

Know more about factory lines and other types of industrial technology

So if you are in Thailand and want to know more about automated technologies and want to install it then opt for cc-link. They are the leading platform to provide you with a better knowledge of these technologies and machinery works. So do visit their official website to know more in this regard.

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How Much Budget You Need For Google Adwords   


Google offers some limitation options in the AdWords interface. It is often the case that many more people are looking for their products or services than they would like to provide for the budget. Google works with a daily budget. So if you calculate with a monthly budget, calculate the regular budget x 30.4 days.

Then you will receive costs that you transfer to Google at most per month. The campaigns can, however, be switched off at any time if this is desired. It is usually worthwhile to play ads distributed over the day (even distribution over the day). Google also offers the option to play every ad. The problem is that in the evening there is usually no budget and no more ads. With the ad planner, you can deliberately define times you want the ad and also determine the price of Advertising with google adwords(โฆษณา google ราคา which is the term in thai?.

How Much Does an AdWords Agency Cost?

The prices for a Google AdWords agency vary very much and mostly reflect what you might expect. Conspicuously reasonable offers hardly benefit the customer. For the creation and support, the agency has to think into the customer’s business model and try to find out what the customers are looking for. This takes time, and nothing has been created in Google AdWords until this has been done.

Cheap agencies will invest less time here, and the performance will be accordingly. The prices for creation and support also depend significantly on the effort and include the banal nature of the ads and some other settings. Optimization and support after production is an integral part of most exclusive agencies. However, you can continue to work on the ads afterward and see if there is a better way to address the customer.

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Are you looking for the best walk through metal detectors? Check this out!


Due to the increase in criminal activities, the security analyst has taken a step forward; nowadays, CCTV is everywhere at homes, offices, cafes, etc. But these activities can take place anywhere, and with anyone, we should be aware of it. Things can be easily hidden from the CCTV as it can’t be everywhere, though it has a vision at a particular area, and these cameras can record everything in it till a specific place. The areas of CCTV is limited.

Because of such issues and an increase in criminal activities, government and security analysts had given a great idea, which is a metal detector. A metal detector should be placed in a particular area, and people who want to enter at that specific place they have to walk through metal detectorAs we all know, making the right choice can make the chances of hazardous zero. When choosing a walk through the metal detector, you need to keep the following things into your mind:-

  • While buying the metal detector, you need to check the right brand for it. So that it will last longer.
  • You should buy a metal detector, which is weatherproof.
  • A walk through metal detector is used to detect metals that can be dangerous for the surrounding like a knife, pistol, and other weapons.

There are several types of metal detectors some of them are mention below with their qualities:-

  1. Fisher F22: This metal detector is waterproof, it has iron audio inbuilt, it can recover very fast, this detector can target the metal quickly and easily.
  2. Garrett ACE 300: This one is easy to use, and it has an adjustable frequency, and it has enhanced iron resolution in it.
  3. Garrett AT Pro: The gadget Garrett AT pro is fully waterproof and submersible to 10 ft. It has manual and auto ground position balance.

There are en numbers of the metal detector as the walk through metal detector is considered the best one because once it is placed at a particular place, it can’t be moved to another location quickly. So the chance of risk will be less as these detectors are made to detect weapons and other hazardous substances. Some of the familiar places where a walk through metal detectors are being used at airports, prisons, concerts, malls, nuclear facilities, etc.

In the end, this article is all about the walk through a metal detector and their uses and benefits as well. Investing too much money for buying metal detectors aren’t necessary. Just make the right choice considering portability i.e., a metal detector should be portable that can be moved easily and quickly from one place to another. Battery backup of a sensor is necessary; the more durability will reduce the chances of hazards. Business organizations must implement top-notch security measures like metal detectors. They should consider brands like Garrett, Ranger security, Fisher labs, etc. These are some of the most trustable and reliable gadgets company as they will help the organization or the place needing security measures with their capability and durability.

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How to convince people to share their emails for email marketing


One of the most important things for a new blogger or digital marketer is to create one’s own email list. If you do not have a good long email list, you might struggle a lot with making sales. Email marketing is usually the last part of a sales funnel and quite effective when it comes to bringing results.

Why you should not take people’s emails without consent

You may find out a lot of sites that are giving people’s personal data like their email addresses for a price. The offer may sound lucrative but it would not be a great way to collect emails. The first thing you must know about email marketing is to collect emails with consent otherwise you will be thrown into spam or get blocked by 90% of your recipients.

The correct way to get people’s emails

Create an ad on social media platforms. Offer a reward to people if they click on the link and enter their personal information like names and email addresses. These are the only two things you need for the entire process. Make sure the reward is something relevant to your niche. You could give something for free or a discount whatever you find best.

Another way to get people’s emails

Keep working on SEO so more people would visit your website. Create a pop-up that would come when people try to leave your page. Offer similar rewards in exchange for name and email there. You have to work hard if you really want to bring good enough traffic. You can also hire an expert. Now you can Get SEO done at an affordable price[รับ ทํา seo ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai] easily. So that is also a good option.

Once you create a good email list you can target those people regularly. You can create a good email marketing strategy to increase your conversion as well.

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Tips for creating a perfect resume for your ideal job

Interviewer reading a resume, Person submits job application, Person describe yourself to interviewer, Close up view of job interview in office, focus on resume, recruiter considering application, hr manager making hiring decision

Are you a lone survivor in the process of creating a resume? Here are some detailed guidelines which will help you in creating an excellent resume for your job interview. A resume is compulsory because it states about your personality and intelligence. Skills and smart work is required to create the perfect resume, which will lead you to the road of success. Many people think that creating a resume and so easy and everyone’s cup of tea, but it is false. Many people get failed many times in creating resumes. People get confused in selecting the type of resume as there are many different types of resumes. The Resume Builder can easily make these resumes for you. You can hire them according to your needs and budget.

How many types of resumes are there?

There are many types of resume which are needed according to the field you want to join

  1. Short resume- If you’re going to describe personal information and objective in short paragraphs, then this is a suitable resume for you. You can provide this resume to those who do not love to read lengthy resumes. The line limit should be of 3-4 per resume. These are the best in form as it is easy and comfortable to read. This resume is also the most popular in many fields because they check the capability of this. They check how the candidate can manage that much in just a paragraph.
  2. Target specified- If you are here, especially for a particular job, then this is the best type of resume for you. In this type of resume, you have to specify the job you want highly. It makes it easier for the employee to understand the desire of the candidate. You should address your requirements as your priority so that it becomes easy for you and them.
  3. Highly impacts of performance on your resume- Sometimes, employees overlook any particular section on the resume. You should fill every detail carefully so that if the employee overlooks any part, then it would create a positive impact on the mind of the employee. Sometimes these impacts save you from the significant loss of your life. Suppose you are about to get rejected, but you get saved because of the positive impact of your resume. So it is essential to create a more than perfect resume if you do not want to get rejected.
  4. Great work experience- If you want to get a job in the most popular companies, then the work experience matters the most. Many resume reviewers focus on the work experience on your resume. Show them who you are by stating the genuine work experience in the resume form and shut their mouths.

These are the various kinds of resumes now the choice is yours. You should that which resume is going to create a lot of impact on the resume reviewers. Select only that resume, which provides you more chances of getting selected.

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Be an internet entrepreneur and live the life of your dreams

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There was a time when money was only reserved for the rich. It was hard for poor to become rich. The only best way was if you could find a treasure by a stroke of luck. Other ways were too limited like if you are an inventor and could invent something new.

Time has changed.

Now the time has changed. Anyone could get rich. You just need an idea. Your idea must be good enough to solve people’s problems or must cater to their passion. If you could think of something like that, you could become an online entrepreneur easily.

Why being an online entrepreneur?

One of the biggest upside of being an online entrepreneur is freedom. You do not have to drag yourself every morning to the office. You are not part of that rat race anymore. You can just sit at your home and relax and can work whenever you want and however you want. Of course, this does not mean that you are not required to work at all.

What types of work you can do

You can become a content writer, a blogger, or a digital marketer. Possibilities are limitless. You can pick whatever you want and you just need a little patience and hard work and you could be the next big thing out there.

Some important action steps

Do note to create your own website to reflect yourself as a business and a brand. Do hire an agency to do the marketing work for you. You need to make your website rank higher on Google. Try searching for good services around you. Like if you are in Thailand search for good seo services bangkok. Do hire professionals to design your website to make you look more professional and start your journey to become the next big thing on internet.

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Advantages of choosing the etison suite plan with clickfunnels software

clickfunnels-template_ (7)

It is a fact that the clickfunnels software application is making a massive difference in the field of ecommerce which is something that cannot be brushed aside. Many people have chosen to use this software application to expand their limits with sales and more business to their website. As a business owner, you can find about the clickfunnels pricing options among the plans that they have before you choose to use it. Small business owners are satisfied with the basic plan that clickfunnels has to offer at $97 per month. However, with this plan there are always limits which you would have to understand and plan your business accordingly.

However, with etison suite plan your options are limitless just at the rate of $297 per month. Many businesses are said to have been benefitted with this plan and chosen it after they have had a look at clickfunnels pricing comparison between the two plans. The advantages include unlimited visitors, landing pages, domains, funnels, contacts and domains. With the basic plan, you would have to be restricted with only a few of the above. This is what many consider to be very advantageous that they have with choosing the etison suite plan. Even large businesses are said to have been benefitted to a great deal with the use of clickfunnels and the premium plan option.

As a business owner you may choose to read about the advantages that come along with the difference in clickfunnels pricing. You can read them with reviews, in blogs, articles, customer testimonials and even on other third-party websites. By being able to create sales funnels, you ensure that you are able to reach your target audience and that too by spending far less time and money on the same. This is what clickfunnels is so good at which has ended up helping many business owners. You can be assured that you would be able to beat the competition that prevails in the market once you embed clickfunnels to your business.

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Parental control app like TTSPY is important to parents

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The use of technology has become a second characteristic of today’s children. However, parents are increasingly concerned about the use of technology such as smart phones or internet usage by children. Is the child using it correctly? Does technology affect your child’s health? Are they safe online? These are just a few of the many questions that go through the minds of parents, because there are many dangers and problems that technology entails for children. If close supervision and control is required, parents have different ways such as parental control app to keep track of how a child sees, plays and uses. These tools do not protect children against all inappropriate materials, but they can help.

Parents can use parental control app if they get the agreement of their children

If parents use parental control app to hack phone contacts, they will carefully monitor the use of digital media for children, especially on mobile phones, and teach them about safe and intelligent use. Do you remember when the last time is you picked up your child’s phone and scrolled through his text messages and browsing history to see what he was doing? The activity of your child is a minor and you have the right to determine what he should see and use. At present, most experts will tell you not to secretly monitor your child’s activities, but you should do that, but you must let your child know that you are monitoring his activities on the phone or tablet as it is your responsibility as a parent.

Checking the operating system of the target device before using a parental control app

Now you can start the process of protecting your child using the parental control app. Nowadays the most parental control apps are compatible with ios, android phones. You need check your child’s phone operating system to make sure the app you are going to download is compatible with.

What does the spy app do for parents?

The parental app companies take an important step to train and equip parents to play an important role in guiding their children’s towards digital health. The parental control app can do many monitoring jobs such as spying on message, call histories, tracking location and social media chatting records. You can just download a parental app and install it on your child’s smart phone. Then you can check all these information at the dashboard.

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