What is a video conference and what are the facts that you must know?

Let’s start from the beginning. The Video Conference (or Web Conference) is a meeting between several people located in different locations and that takes place through a system able to channel the audio system and the video system on the devices of all participants. An online conference takes place therefore through the audio channel, which allows listeners to listen the video channel. Thanks to which it is possible to see the webcam of the speakers and the conductor, the slides and various contents.

Do you need to share documents during the videoconference?

If you plan to show a presentation or show a document, table or any other content that may be useful during the discussion, the video conferencing software service must also support this functionality. If the contents must also be able to be viewed by H.323 / SIP room equipment, the service must support the standard H.239 protocol for data sharing.

How long will the meeting last?

You need this information to choose the service formula based on duration, for example: one hour, two or more hours or a whole day. The “day” formula allows you to schedule multiple videoconferences within 24 hours and may even be cheaper than buying multiple consecutive hours.

The recording of a videoconference may be necessary on several occasions, to record the meeting, for example for a Corporate Assembly or a Board of Directors. The videoconference service must allow the recording of both the audio-video part of the meeting and any content that may be shared. The recording file must then be able to be downloaded in a standard format that is usable by any media player, such as the mp4 format.

Online Professional Videoconferencing

Professional systems for Professional Videoconferencing makes different formulas available on the Cloud and gives complete conference room solutions usable with any device and any fixed or mobile Internet connection. It is not necessary to sign up for a subscription and there are no activation costs.

To make a videoconference in a few minutes, you can buy the service online, choosing the formula that best suits your needs, for example for the duration of one or more hours or for a whole day, with or without registration, etc. The formulas are designed to meet all the requirements to make a professional videoconference:

  • High Quality Video and Audio
  • Use with Any Device
  • Up to 25 Participants per Virtual Room
  • Maximum Ease of Use
  • Direct Access from the Browser
  • Free client for PC
  • Free App for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
  • Screen Sharing, Documents, Presentations, etc.
  • Chat
  • Registration
  • Streaming

Conclusion: Video conference with a simple phone?

It may happen that someone cannot connect to a video, for example if they are in a place with no Internet connection or if they are driving the car. The portable all in one videoconference service must therefore also allow these people to participate, even if only in voice, by connecting with the telephone as in a telephone conference call.