What is a Light Notebook Computer?

We have many items stuffed into our bags. Not only mobile phones and mobile phone charging treasure. But also folders, data cables, stationery and other items. If you put a notebook computer into your bag and don’t have a suitable means of transportation. It is tiring to carry such a big bag to work. Under this premise if we choose a notebook computer. We should especially consider its weight and volume.

At present, most light notebook computers can meet the needs of mobile office in terms of performance. The thin notebook computers have excellent carrying and endurance advantages.

At present, there are three branches in the recommendation of light notebook computers: business book, super book and performance book.

Business book: Business book has obvious advantages in interface expansion and performance. Especially adding many USB and display interfaces. With these interfaces, it is convenient to go out or do Demo at work. It is also suitable for a variety of jobs, equipped with stronger display screens. However, compared with other light notebook computers. The endurance of business books will be reduced to a certain extent.

Super book: Super book is an ultra-thin book that limits its thickness. Many notebooks are only 1.5 cm thick and their weight is compressed within 1.2 kg. What’s more, there are many two-in-one notebook computers. The biggest advantage of this kind of computer is its endurance. It is no problem to use it lightly in broad daylight. But most of these notebook screens are small, usually around 13inch. A lot of sacrifices have been made in configuration. It is only suitable for simple work such as office work and writing.

Performance book: Performance book has a stronger configuration than business book. And heat dissipation is similar to game book in terms of appearance and volume design. It can still be called a light notebook computer with a thickness of less than 2 cm. This kind of notebook computer generally has entry-level discrete graphics cards, such as MX150/MX250. The endurance will be worse, after all, the power consumption is not low.

In general, as long as one of the above items is met, it can be called a light notebook computer. Since the rapid development of the notebook industry, all the above advantages can be concentrated on one computer. Such as HUAWEI HONOR Laptops. Take the recently released MagicBook Pro for example. It has almost all the advantages of the above three items. MagicBook Pro can last about 11 hours. Moreover, it is equipped with 65W super fast charging. It can charge 50% of the electricity in half an hour. It features with MX350, and its performance is the least worrying. The thickest part of the body is only 16.9 mm. And the 100% sRGB color gamut can restore the colors of objects truly. The three-sided equal-width screen can give us a great immersion when watching any movie or playing games. If you want to buy a notebook computer, Glory’s notebook is your only choice.