Warrior Thought After Watching The Film

“Warrior” is directed by Gavin O’Connor, written by Gavin O’Connor and Anthony donbakis, and starred by Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick nott. The film was released in the United States on September 9, 2011. The film is about two brothers, one is a veteran and the other was a high school teacher. In the fight field, fight for friends, faith, family, responsibility and yourself. The two brothers, who had been separated for many years, gathered together again to express their feelings with the fusion of blood and sweat. Click here to watch free Warrior movie online, and you can also Watch Drama Movies Online Free.

Introduction to Warrior’s Plot

Tommy is a failed veteran. After ending his miserable military career, he returned to his hometown Pittsburgh. His father was a former free fight coach, but he wasted his life because of the bad habit of drinking. With the help of his father, Tommy began to carry out hard training and prepare to participate in the fight championship with the highest prize in the history of the sport.

While they struggled hard to win the championship, Tommy’s brother Brandon also returned to the amateur boxing world. Brandon was also a free fighter and later became a high school teacher. Braden’s relationship with his younger brother Tommy and his father is tense and full of pressure, and he is gradually estranged from his family.

Brandon, a former professional fighter and now a high school physics teacher, was troubled by money. He could not bear to provide shelter for his wife and daughter, and decided to return to the game. When he entered the fight field, he inevitably had a competitive relationship with Tommy. His unexpected appearance also made the relationship between the two brothers more delicate and collided. On the one hand, they had to face the past contradictions and the experience of parting ways, and on the other hand, they had to experience the boxing on the competition field and lose without winning. Violence, emotion and understanding are full of tension in the fight arena.

Warrior Review

The film focuses on describing the rules of the game, but the main character in the film plays a strong and vivid role, which is a successful sports and family film. The film is similar to the fighter as a whole, but the fighting forms are different. The film appropriately combines sports, strength and family affection, and uses a popular sport fighting to reveal the true meaning of brothers’ tears and family affection. This is a very long film, but the feeling is very short. It captures the feeling of the audience in the early scenes. Although it appears low-key, it allows the audience to keep close contact with its main male characters through the fierce fighting in the later stage. The film’s “washing” of the character’s character is not easy to come by. It makes the steel like audience not happy, but the overall film is still a good one. The film overcomes the inevitable cliches of boxing and martial arts, so that the audience is completely satisfied and full of vitality and imagination.