Intensify drama in your image with an outstanding low-key technique

A low-key image with dark tones and color can incredibly enhance the drama, mystery, and sensation in the image. Although low-key light photography is quite a simple technique mastering this form of photography requires patience, creativity, knowledge of camera setting and proper understanding of the science of light. Setting the right mood by using low key effect can make the image stand out. To convey negative emotions through low-key images most of the photographers focus on minimizing the number of whites and mid-tones. Low-key lighting attracts the audience right away to the subject by minimizing the distraction in the frame.

Get relevant information

With a proper set of equipment such as camera, tripod, light source, black or dark grey background, etc. and useful information from a reliable website such as everyone can make their low-key photography skill better. Some of the easily implementable and effective tips for impressive low-key photography are

  • Avoid using three sources of light rather shoot with large soft  light like a softbox
  • Keep ISO low for good image quality
  • To reduce camera noise problem use a fast lens
  • Be aware of pixel information
  • Use dark cloth or board to stop incidental light
  • Go for the RAW shoot and then edit accordingly

Edit effortlessly

Like all other forms of arts, in photography also practice makes perfect hence keep experimenting with your ideas. Nowadays with the advancement of technology ever new editing software loaded with advanced features have been introducing in the marketplace making the post-processing task really fast and easy. With the user-friendly software both professional and novice photographers can manipulate the images regardless of the type of photography such as low-key, high-key, double exposure, low angle, levitation, color splash, juxtaposition, etc. and can get perfect end result with just a few simple clicks.

Evaluate performance

Choose editing tool wisely otherwise with substandard software you might risk your effort, creativity and time. Hence read the reviews in the reliable forum and evaluate the ease of use and effectiveness of the editing tools.